Xenia Cities - Tour Operator in India

Xenia Cities is an online travel platform that offers handpicked city tours for discerning travellers to India.

With a team of expert travel and technology professionals, we specialize in delivering unique experiences to travellers from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

Having personally undertaken each of our 250+ experiences across 50 cities in India, our team possesses an intricate knowledge of all our destination cities.

This, combined with our experience of over 20 years in servicing international travellers, enables us to cater to your every need.

You will get to experience every little nuance that makes a city great - the history, the culture, the food, and the local way of life - all while taking in the most breathtaking sights India has to offer.

At Xenia Cities, we take your safety and security very seriously. We only work with a trusted and experienced network of thoroughly vetted and professional drivers and guides. All our tours are family-friendly and can be customized to accommodate any special requests.

Our Philosophy

Xenia (translation: ‘guest-friendship’) is the ancient Greek concept of hospitality, generosity and courtesy shown to those who are far from home and/or associates of the person bestowing ‘guest-friendship’.

This belief in treating our travellers as guests and not just customers, is the core of our existence.

Our passion for travel, exploration and experiences, is what we share with our guests through tours that offer more than just a superficial glance of cities.

History, culture, food, folklore, the daily lives of locals - these are things that make our tours unique, giving our guests a deep insight into the places they visit, allowing them to truly experience the cities they visit.

Whereas other service providers focus on aggregating and onboarding as many vendors as possible, we focus on quality and curation above all else. Every Xenia tour is an experience in itself, unique and handpicked.

This is the Xenia offering, our promise - an amazing, unforgettable experience of India, for the insightful traveller.

The Founders

Pranabesh Dash

Co-founder and CEO

An engineer and technologist by training but a traveler at heart. During his 17 years career in technology he has worked as a Software developer to leading and managing teams working in state-of-the-art technologies. He left his corporate job to pursue his passion full time in travel space in 2015. He strongly believes use of technology can bring efficiency and transparency to the guided travel space in India. With the appropriate use of Technology Xenia Cities’ services can scale and serve customers worldwide.

Kumar R

Co-founder and COO

An academic by background, Kumar started his professional career in 1996, when he joined a destination management company. What started as an experiment soon became a huge passion. Since then Kumar has run travel operations in various capacities– catering to clients from all parts of the world.
Xenia Cities, was a step towards going digital, and taking his unique experience to travellers globally.