Varanasi is one among the primitive and holiest cities in the world. It is located in the northern section of Uttar Pradesh alongside the river Ganges. Varanasi (earlier known as Benaras, Banaras or Kashi) is indeed popular as it considered the center of spirituality in Hinduism. Varanasi City has a mesmerizing culture due to its Ghats and regional beliefs. The Ganga Aarti near the Ghats is beautiful and is prominently visible, making it the major attraction of the city.

The Varanasi city tour is divine for the pilgrims as the city has a rich culture of spirituality and faith. The river Ganges is considered sacred and worshipped in Varanasi. People come here to pray for their sins by taking a holy dip in its water. You can visit Varanasi in the month from October to February as the weather otherwise is quite extreme here.

There are around 90 Ghats near the Ganga River in Varanasi. Some of them were built by ancient kings and rulers who believed in meditation. Some of the major Ghats to visit and enjoy are:

DashashwamedhGhat for boating and Ganga Aarti
ManikarnikaGhat for cremation rituals
PanchgangaGhatv is known for the junction of five rivers
ScindiaGhat has a submerged temple
AhilyabaiGhat is famous for its rituals and boating
KedarGhat has extreme beautification for photos

Boat ride and walking tour of Varanasi

A Brief of Varanasi City Tour Packages

If you are planning a tour for your family or even for yourself on a limited budget then you should consider visiting Varanasi. You will get the most economical offers from online websites or even from offline travel agencies. According to your budget, these may or may not include accommodations, sightseeing, tourist guide, and your meals. This place is not just beautiful but also has a perfect amalgamation of ancient scientific thoughts perpetuated the form of art. There are plenty of Varanasi Tour Packages have a look and decide which one is yours. Below, you will get to know the average cost for your tour.

For a Day

If you have to visit Varanasi only for a day, then you have to start from the top of the list. Don't miss the mesmerizing Ganga GhatAarti in the evening. You can also enjoy the boat rides and visit the famous Kashi Vishwanath temples. If you are not fond of spending much then you can easily wrap up a one-day tour at Varanasi in less than INR 10,000 (for a family of four).

Evening aarti ceremony in Varanasi

For 2 Days and 1 Night

You can extend your previous plan to visit the SarnathTemple if you have an interest in ancient historical structures. You can also be a part of the rituals and perform some for you as well. This tour can cost your family of four, around INR 16,000 on an average.

Excursion to Sarnath

For 3 Days and 1 Night

As you have plenty of time you can start from temples like Bharat Mata, Annapurna, KaalBhairav, Tridev Temple and SankatMochan Temple. That depicts the true beauty of the place. You can also enjoy food and traditional shopping as well, here. This interesting tour package is affordable as it costs just INR 22,000 (for a family of four).

For More Than 5 days

You are lucky if you can spare 5 days to visit the beautiful city of Varanasi. There are infinite options for you to visit. The major tourist attraction of this place includes the forts of Ramnagar and Chunargarh. It also has a museum named Bharat Kala Bhawan museum which is highlighting the ancient paintings and sculptures. On the streets, you will also observe some of the very small stalls having their own segment of things to sell. You can wrap up this tour in around 40,000 (for a family).

Utilize Every Second In Varanasi

When you are tired or need to take a break from continuous sightseeing or visiting places then don't forget to take a bath in the holy river of Ganges (Ganga) and stroll around any of the aforementioned Ghats. Exploring them will free up your mind and you will get to see a different aspect of religion. Particularly for shopping, you can buy plenty of things including beautiful silk sarees and few ornaments. As the market has plenty of varieties you can easily buy so many things in a budget. The food culture here is amazing and delicious. The most famous dishes here are AlooChaat, Dum Aloo, Lassi, Jalebi, and Paan. You can also pack them up and eat while exploring the rest of the city.

Walking tour of Old Varanasi with street food

The most interesting thing in Varanasi is that life and death coexist together here and celebrated more beautifully. Following the words of Mark Twain, who once said,“Benaras is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together”. It is a chaotic place but you won't be able to resist yourself falling into the chaos. For centuries it has been a place of Glory in the world and for the coming centuries also it will be the same.

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