Rajasthan is a part of India’s cultural identity. It embodies the rich cultural heritage and unique craftsmanship of our country. Rajasthan is known for its various art forms. Lehariya, Bandhani, and Gota brought alive by their colors and the all-time favorite Juttis attract fashion enthusiasts and designers from all over the world to Rajasthan. Not only on the runway but Rajasthani specials are a must have in your wardrobe.

Udaipur City

Udaipur is a destination that is worth exploring if you are looking to pick Rajasthan specials for your wardrobe or for some other special occasions. An understated beauty, Udaipur is an unearthed gem of Rajasthan. Available in a myriad of colors, from Organza to Asmani and Pyazi to Narangi and materials ranging from soft to coarse, clothes of all kinds can be found while taking a Udaipur City Tour. The best part about the Rajasthani art is that it symbolizes the modesty and grace of Indian women and the way they carry themselves.

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Popular Places to Shop In Udaipur

While each street in Udaipur Cityis adorned with shops selling Rajasthani specials like artifacts, dupattas, and shoes, there are certain places in Udaipur which are unmissable. Finding these places and then exploring them properly can be quite difficult especially for tourists taking the Udaipur City Tourfor the first time. These places capture the essence of Udaipur and are indicative of hundreds of years of craftsmanship. So, here is a list of some popular places in Udaipur which should be visited if you are looking to pick Rajasthan specials:

Hathi Pol Bazaar: Hundreds of little shops on the Hathi Pol road come together to form the Hathi Pol Bazaar. From the Jaipuri Leheriya to the typical Rajasthani Juti, everything can be found in this Bazaar. The best part about the hundreds of these little shops is that they have been a part of the legacy of the shop owners who have been in this business generation after generation. Their experience makes them best at what they do. These markets are run by locals so they are quite cheap as well.

Bada Bazaar: In close proximity to the City Palace, the Bada Bazaar comprises of both small and large shops according to your budget. It is known for its Bandhani and Batik print clothes which have been a part of the plethora of art forms of Rajasthan. Not only this but special Rajasthani accessories can also be found here. And guess what? It has a special Juttis segment here called Mochiwada Bazaar. Grab a pair of handmade Juttis from here which will really add to the beauty of your ethnic wear.

Chetak Circle: You must have seen the local puppet shows in Rajasthan innumerable times. If you are looking to grab these colorful puppets as souvenirs or even as a decorative, Chetak circle is the place for you. This market specializes in craft items like puppets, jewelry boxes and other handicrafts.

Bapu Bazaar: The Bapu Bazaar is famous for mainly its crockery and Khadi products. Along with this, one must also not miss the amazing street food here which is set to tingle your taste buds.

Meal at a local's home in Udaipur

Shilpgram: Shilpgram is not a Bazaar but a village of Shilpkars selling rural handicrafts and artwork. It provides a unique shopping experience as it gives insights into the lives of these locals who have been involved in the artwork for centuries.

Rajasthali: It is a government emporium in Udaipur which has a plethora of products to choose from. Be it paintings, handicrafts, Rajasthani accessories or any other artwork, everything can be found here. It has been established to support the local craftsmen.

Sadhna Emporium: Formed in 1988, it was mainly formed to help women earn a stable income. It is known for its embroidery on bed sheets, duvets, cushion covers and fabrics for any other use.

Lake Palace Road: Located near Lake Palace, this road littered with shops is hard to miss. From Jewellery to woven items, it is the best place to shop for souvenirs.

Jagdish Temple Street: This market has a unique specialty. It is known for its leather journals hued in different colors. This is bound to especially attract tourists who love to write and maintain a journal.

Clock Tower: One of the most famous places in Udaipur, the clock tower never sees a dull moment. All kinds of jewelry made out of silver, gold, Kundan, and Lac can be found here.

Having explored these places, you will have seen the best of what Udaipur has to offer. You will take back home, some really fantastic Rajasthan specials and above all a truckload of intangible memories to cherish forever. The colorful streets of Udaipur and the smiles of its warm people will stay in your heart for a long time. When visiting Rajasthan and looking for its specials, Udaipur is a place worth exploring!

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