If you thought Gujarat is all about its architectural marvels and mesmerizing landscapes, then you must think back again. Because the state can be a great delight for foodies with a range of exotic cuisines that it has to offer. And the list certainly doesn’t end with the commonly known Dhokla, fafda and thepla. There’s a lot more to it and all of their authentic tastes can leave a deep impression in your mind. So here’s a list of lip-smacking Gujarati cuisines that you must try when you visit Gujarat.

1. Khaman aka Dhokla – Many people are fan of this spongy snack in and outside of Gujarat and is popularly known as Dhokla. Considered as one of the most common Gujarati food, Dhokla makes a great Indian snack and is a great filler too. It is prepared by boiling the Khaman flour mix along with turmeric, salt and baking soda. Once prepared it’s cut into cubes and served with delicious pudina chatni.

2. Khandvi – This lip-smacking dish is one of Gujarat’s famous snacks. You can never have it enough for its irresistible taste. It’s basically thin layers of gram flour cooked in buttermilk and shaped into mini rolls and seasoned with sautéed sesame and other spices. It is also popularly known as ‘suralichya wadya’ in Maharashtra as well as in Gujarat. Although it’s a very popular snack and is also easy on your stomach, however the recipe is a little tricky and to get that authentic taste it’s best to try from the place of its origin.

3. Muthiya – These small-shaped cakes make great breakfast item or a quick evening snack. The ingredients put into making this delicious Gujarat cuisine can be a real treat for health conscious people. It’s made out of the mixture of chickpea flour, bottle gourd and spices and pan-fried and seasoned. It’s best served with mint-coriander chutney and tea/coffee on the side. It won’t be too difficult for you to finish off a bowlful of Muthiya at a go.

4. Lilva Kachori – While kachoris are one of the most common snacks in Gujarat, this special one can leave you mesmerized with its unforgettable taste. Popularly known as Lilva Kachori, this special type of kachori makes a great snack item in Gujarat. These are small balls made of white flour and semolina and stuffed with the Lilva mixture (pigeon peas, green chilies, coriander and spices). This crunchy and tasty snack could be relished with any tangy chutney.

5. Khichu – Commonly available at any bakery or snack store in Gujarat, this delicious dish has its own unique flavor. It’s a dough made from rice flour and then added to boiled water along with green chillies, cumin seeds and sesame seeds, then cooked in steam and seasoned with groundnut oil. It’s one of the popular festival snacks that you can find at any stall during Navratri. It also makes a great and easy-to-cook snack for evening.

6. Gujarati Kadhi – If you have ever visited any Gujarati house or family or have a Gujju pal, you are sure to have heard of this famous dish. Besides being tasty, it’s also easy-to-cook and is a staple in all the households in Gujarat. It is also largely relished during summer time as its made of sour curd. It’s spiced with gram flour and jiggery. It’s best served with soft chapatis or hot steam rice.

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