Bangalore city also known as Bengaluru, is the capital city of Karnataka. It is also known as the Electronic City of India. Most of all the established IT companies or their subsidiaries are located here. So naturally, it is a very busy and crowded city full of people majorly working in IT firms. There are so many places to visit while you are in Bangalore. A Bangalore City Tour is an amazing amalgamation of culture and infrastructure and is quite satisfying as well. It offers so many different things like amazing places to go and shop at, nightlife to experience, great sports club, adventure games, lakes, museums, and the list goes on. Whenever you travel to Bangalore via a Bangalore City Tour, these are some of the most important and amazing places to visit. The Bangalore City tour packages are designed to enjoy all these at once.

Things to do in Bangalore

There is an amazing Water Park in Bangalore, called Wonderla. It is one of the largest chains of water parks in India. It has a plethora of water sports to choose from and provides a wide range of water rides for all ages of people. It is a fun park to spend the whole day with family and friends. If you are visiting Bangalore in summers, it is highly recommended to not miss Wonderla.

Another great thing about Bangalore is its nightlife. There are so many amazing night clubs and restaurants to go and hang out at. And there is no comparison for food. All the best restaurants are there in Bangalore. The food is great and you can find cuisines from all over the world. Some of the restaurants have parties and special guest lists also. Thus, if anyone wants to have a fun night in Bangalore, the nightclub is your place to hit.


How can you miss shopping when it comes to Bangalore? There are many shopping centers in Bangalore. The most popular hup is M.G.Road which is a lane with al shops on either side of the lane. It has almost all the top brands to shop from and the local shops are also there. The best part about this shopping area is that it provides all sorts of things you can buy in one designated area. You don’t have to hassle while shopping, which is always a huge benefit while shopping.

Another shopping area in Bangalore city is the Brigade Road. Shops, bars, eating spots and eateries mark this street. This spot resonated the most with the youth. There are also shops for electronic gadgets and furniture and many more. Shopping is the heart of this city. You can find many other shopping areas from local shops to high-end brands. This city is having all the shopping craziness for people who love and enjoy shopping.

Parks and Gardens

There are also some great parks and gardens to visit in Bangalore. The Lalbagh Botanical Garden is one of the most amazing gardens in Bangalore. It is recognized by people both nationally and internationally. It is mainly noted for all the scientific research and activities, and this attracts all the tourists to visit the garden. It is also known for the beauty and flowers and plants that they have in this garden. The view is so amazing that one would die for it. It is also famous for photography as people love to capture photos in this amazing garden.

There is also another amazing and unique park that is the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park. This park is very unique as it has fountain patterns with music, lights, color variations, and visual projections. This is very unique and draws a lot of attention from the tourists and the locals alike.

The ISKON temple

There is one of the best temples in Bangalore to definitely visit and is highly recommended and that is the ISKCON Temple. It is a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, and you’d continuously hear the chantings of Hare Krishna all the time. This place is considered a heavenly abode by many, and you are bound to feel refreshed by the energy at this place. It gives a sense of satisfaction and serenity. There are different things going on around the temple. The monks in the temple are very educated and teach about life and its priorities. So, it is definitely an amazing place to visit while you are in Bangalore.

Furthermore, apart from all these places, there are many other things to do while you are visiting or planning to visit Bangalore. Also, apart from all the amazing restaurants, food and nightlife, there are many sports and adventure activities to do in Bangalore. And shopping is a must. It is a great place to shop. Bangalore is cheerful, busy and amazing in its own simple way. So, you must definitely try and find all these experiences in the Bangalore Tour Packages you choose from.