Eyes looking at the world through colored glasses offered to them by the veil of their Lehariya Dupattas is the image ancient India engraved in our minds. Rajasthan forms a part of this cultural identity of India. There is truly no other place like Rajasthan. One of the most visited places in India and in the world, Rajasthan invites millions of tourists from all around the world. This is primarily because Rajasthan is a paradise for art, culture and history lovers. It truly embodies the love for arts, colors, and grandeur of the country.

Udaipur is a part of this paradise. Adorned with colorful streets and the grandeur of its regal history, Udaipur is an understated beauty. From shopping to walks by the lake to a historical tour of the City Palace, Udaipur City offers a lot to its visitors. However, as beautiful as Udaipur City may be, navigating through it can be tricky. Which place to visit and which can be left out when time is limited can be difficult. There are various Udaipur City Tour Packages which can be referred to but what suits your personal interests is important.

Places to See in Udaipur

The city of lakes is diverse in its palate which satiates the need for all kinds of tourists. While what would fascinate you most about Udaipur is dependent upon your personal interests, there are certain places that are simply unmissable while taking the Udaipur City Tour. Every nook and corner of Udaipur is worth seeing but these sites capture the essence of this magnificent city. Each of these places is the centerpiece of the exquisite jewel that Udaipur is.

City Palace: Constructed on the banks of Lake Pichola by the Mewari rulers, the City Palace is one of the most aesthetic sites in Udaipur. It gives a taste of the grandeur of this city with its regal history. Overlooking the Lake Pichola it is characterized with spectacular views that engage the tourists. Given its intricate architecture, it is an embodiment of the rich craftsmanship of Rajasthan. The crystal gallery, the vintage car museum, Daawat-e-Aam, Daawat-e-Khas, and the Maharani Palace are the main attractions of this tourists’ favorite. The evening sound and light show here is also worth a watch.

Lake Pichola: Palaces overlooking the Lake Pichola is the most common picture painted of Udaipur. Lake Pichola is the central location when visiting Udaipur. Buzzing with activities, it is man-made lake which is about one of the most picturesque spots of Udaipur. Your trip to Udaipur is incomplete without a boat ride on Lake Pichola, Udaipur. It has two islands as well namely Jag Niwas and Jagmandir.

Lake Palace: Located on the island Jag Niwas, the all-white Lake Palace is a sight to behold. Floating above Lake Pichola, it is owned by the Taj Group. It is one of the most luxurious properties to stay in Udaipur, providing one the feel of the Royalty. Even if one doesn’t stay there, a heritage walk of this hotel is absolutely mandatory.

Jagmandir:Another island on the Lake Pichola, Jagmandir Island is a 17th Century structure. The Island Palace is an epitome of fine craftsmanship with various motifs and figurines used in the construction of its many structures. The central building called the Jagmandir is adorned with intricately put together marble made elephants. It has elegant structures and like Gul Mahal, the Darikhana on its northern side, the Barah Patharon ka Mahal (Palace of the 12 stones), the Zenana Mahal and the Kunwar Pada ka Mahal which are all unique in their construction but equally spectacular.

Hathi Pol Bazaar: From the Jaipuri Leheriya to the typical Rajasthani Juti, everything can be found in this Bazaar. The best part about the hundreds of these little shops is that they have been a part of the legacy of the shop owners who have been in this business generation after generation. They are best at what they do at the cheapest prices.

Saheliyon Ki Bari: Saheliyon ki Bari was constructed for the leisure and merriment of the maids accompanying the wife of Maharana Bhopal Singh to Udaipur. The lotus pond, fountains and marble structures are the main highlights here.

Balloon Safari: Balloon Safari provides a one of a kind experience. It gives the tourists a chance to view the pastel Udaipur from a hot air balloon. Take in the sunrise view up close and witness the magic of the Mewari wonder that Udaipur is.

Having seen these sites, you will have explored the greatest and the finest of the experiences, Udaipur tour packages have to offer. However, this being said the best of Udaipur is in its small streets painted in a myriad of colors and beautiful paintings. It is the laughter of the children playing under the scorching sun, the giggles of the woman parading the streets that are the pulsing heartbeat of Udaipur. If visiting Rajasthan, a walk across Udaipur is a must visit!

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