India is known for its unity in diversity. While Rajasthan is the cultural capital of India, Bangalore is the technological hub of India. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka and also considered the central city of Southern Half of India. Now called Bengaluru, the city is buzzing with high tech industries. Besides its industries, Bangalore is also known for its happening nightlife and sprawling parks.

Bangalore invites hundreds of tourists each year. This is mainly because without seeing Bangalore one misses out on the very essence of South India and its rich and unscathed culture. Bangalore City is characterized by huge parks in the center and the big corporate houses and commercial buildings sprawling all over the city. While Bangalore is known for its nightlife, on one hand, it is also famous for its beautifully crafted temples, on the other.

Places to visit when in Bangalore

When planning to take a short weekend trip to Bangalore, a Bangalore City tour can be tricky to navigate through. There are various Bangalore City tour packages available to choose from but there are certain places in Bangalore that are just unmissable. So here is a list of places that are worth a trip when in Bangalore:

Bangalore Palace - Bangalore Palace is a beautiful palace that is representative of its rich culture & royal history. With grounds spread over 454 acres, Bangalore Palace consists of various tower-like structures, forts, battlements, and turrets. The floral motifs, elegant wood carvings, and paintings covering every nook and corner of the palace really give a taste of the grandeur of the royalty.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden - Constructed by Hyder Ali in 1760, Lalbagh Botanical Garden is the most visited place in Bangalore. It has a beautiful glass house surrounded by huge parks. It is an internationally recognized center for the scientific study, horticulture, and conservation of plants. It is best known for its flawless layout, maintenance, variety of plants and flowers and scenic beauty. It is a 240 acres large garden located in the heart of the city and a favorite amongst tourists.

ISKON Temple Bangalore - ISKCON Temple Bangalore temple is representative of the beautiful architecture and the rich history of the city and the entire country as well. Constructed in all white, ISKCON Temple is a sight to behold. It is one of the largest ISKCON temples in the world. It is a temple dedicated to Radha and Krishna and adorned with beautiful marble structures.

Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace - Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace is a fine example of Indo- Islamic architecture. It is adorned with balconies, pillars, and stands embellished with intricate motifs on the walls. When visiting this palace, the visitors can vividly imagine the grandeur and royal extravagance that the palace must have once been home to.

Sri Chamarajendra Park - Located in the center of the city, Sri Chamarajendra Park covers an area of about 297 acres. The natural beauty of this park is supplemented with beautifully created statues of eminent personalities within the park. It is a favorite amongst locals for family picnics amidst the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Nandi Hills Hike - Situated a few KMs away from Bangalore, the Nandi Hills are known as “hillocks borrowed from heaven”. If you are a fan of hiking and like to be close to nature, a small detour to the Nandi Hills for a hiking trip is totally worth it. It is scattered with temples and glorious views making it quite the tourist spot. While at Nandi Hills, one shall not miss out on the hilltop sunset.

Chickpet - Established in the 16th Century, Chickpet is a renowned shopping area in Bangalore. If you are looking to grab the beautiful South Indian silk sarees or antiques to take back home with you, Chickpet has everything to offer. It is a buzzing market that never sees a dull moment. The best part about this place is that you will find people carrying on decades-old businesses there, which ensures they are the best at what they do at economical prices.

Malleshwaram - Food is a reflection of the culture of any place. Malleshwaram is a locality in Bangalore that is known for its food. Lined with small shops that boast of being in this business for decades, it is the most understated place in the city. It is a paradise for food lovers who can have a taste of the traditional South Indian food in these local eateries who specialize in this.

Full-day tour of Bangalore and Nrityagram visit

These are the places which are the most popular places in Bangalore. Bangalore Tour Packages shall be designed carefully to include all these places. However, if you have some extra time on your hands, do consider exploring the small unknown streets of Bangalore as well. This will help you in getting an insight into the lives of these people. It will also help you understand the essence of this city which is the “virtual” heartbeat of our country.

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